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Pavel & Ethan

Pavel & Ethan

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Pavel is on a mission to try new things, much like Ethan was when we first met him. They both had similar experiences after their first videos and were curious to try a bit more.

"So this is your first time with a guy? What are you thoughts on that?" I asked Pavel.

"I'm a little nervous but it can't be that bad," he replied shyly.

"What have you been thinking leading up to this day?"

"How it's going to feel? How I'm going to feel afterwards? I've never been with a guy so I am going to compare it how it feels with a female and maybe after this...I might be with another guy again...might explore a little bit."

I had to get Ethan's point of view on this. He agreed that he had experienced "good sensations" from getting fucked — especially when his ass was up in the air in the "dip stick" position. I knew then that Pavel would have fucking Ethan like that.

Pavel slowly relaxed as Ethan sucked on his cock. As they started fucking, it was very obvious that he really liked how his cock felt inside Ethan. Then he cut loose on Ethan's ass, giving him a nice, deep fuck in Ethan's favorite position!

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