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Quinn wasn't sure what to make of the whole situation.

I could tell by the rock-hard state of his cock that he was excited to do the video, but from our previous conversation I knew that he didn't want to do anything that appeared "gay" or anything that his parents would find out about (as he still lives at home).

He was eager to please because he wanted to do more work. His solution to the awkwardness was to look tough. But I knew that he was getting off on the whole thing...

He came once and I thought he was done. I turned the camera off and had him get cleaned up. He told me he still had more cum and that he wanted to go again. So we gave him a few minutes and turned the camera back on.

Sure enough, he was rock hard again and within a minute or two he ejaculated. But he still kept jacking, so I kept the camera on and in less than a minute he spurted a third time.

With his semi-erect cock hanging between his legs, I asked him if that was normal for him. I couldn't believe how cute it was when he finally warmed up, smiled, and offered his explanation.

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