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Douglas was really shy at first, so he presented a bit of a challenge. When he showed up I could hardly get a word out of him.. I noticed that he was just taking everything in as much as he could — wide eyed, quiet, and curious. I sat him down on the floor and cracked a few jokes and after that, he started opening up.

He's 25 years old and he actually enjoys the fact that people think he is the shy and quiet type. It adds to the adventure and appeal when he does something unexpected... like this!

"Have you ever done anything on camera before?"


"Not even a dance or anything?"

"I played Dance Dance Revolution," he laughed.

"So you're a little bit of a geek? What do you do for fun?"

"I like to play tennis, lift weights. I like to play chess... I'm a secret geek but I'm totally a jock too," he smiled.

Definitely unexpected and very hot. He's got a toned swimmer's build, a great fuzzy butt, sexy blue eyes and a cock that grew bigger than I expected. He was right when he said he was a grower and he was more than excited to show it off!

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