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Niko is a young aspiring body builder. He's 19 years old and hopes that he can compete in his first competition some day. He doesn't seem like a "meat head" gym type, and he's very laid back. You never know, though, what these quiet guys are thinking behind their cute smiles!

There is no doubt that Niko will be able to win a competition one day. He stands 6'3" tall and already has a very defined torso and chiseled abs. I can only imagine what his body will be like as he continues to train and build up. He's part Italian, which explains his dark hair and olive skin.

Like most body builders he prefers a smooth body all the way, but I was glad to see that he had stayed away from the razor for a while. His big muscular butt was also a bit fuzzy!

He got a bit sweaty once he got going. It was clear that Niko enjoyed showing it all off!

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