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Jack was raised on a farm with eight brothers and sisters. He's southern, but don’t let the accent and charm fool you. He admits to running around and causing trouble when he was younger.

He worked a lot of odd jobs as a teenager, and he used the little amount of money he made snowboarding. He loves snowboarding so much that as soon as he turned 18 he moved north so he could hit the slopes as much as he could.

Farming and snowboarding have given Jack an awesome body! His legs are very defined and his abs are ripped!

He also has some impressive low-hanging balls, which we pointed out as he pulled his shorts off. He was very comfortable with being naked.

He pretty much said it all when we asked him, “Are you usually naked in front of strangers?”

“I don’t mind it that’s for sure. I feel very comfortable being naked in front of strangers!”

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