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Every once in a blue moon, I am left wondering why a guy jumps in head first, gets naked and jerks off for the camera. Greg is that blue moon. He's a stunning young guy — a bit soft spoken, but he carries himself with an underlying confidence that is extremely attractive.

He just turned 21 and is very focused on school to become a firefighter. He has a nice hairy body that he keeps trimmed. As he started undressing... I understood why he's the confident quiet type. His body is muscular and defined from his time in the gym. As his shorts came off, I saw the other reason... a very thick, veiny, uncut cock with a great set of low hanging balls!

"Has anyone told you you have very low hanging balls!"

"Yeah," he smiled.

As I asked him to flex, I noticed that he did so with a little reservation.

"You don't like showing off do you?" I asked.

"Yeah... I am not a show off," he replied with a smile.

"And yet you're standing here naked in front of the camera."

"I am not shy," he replied. "I am just not a show off!"

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