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Anthony is 21 years old and currently attending college. He's a Buddhist, and seems to be an extremely free-spirited guy who sees the good in everything. He's also the outdoors type, a result of growing up around the mountains and forests of the Southwest. I was really intrigued by his outlook on things. I'd ask him a question and get a completely unexpected answer followed by a huge smile.

He joked that his smile was a bit awkward when he was younger but he's "grown into it," as he put it. He's a little nerdy, but he's got a really nice, ripped build.

"So how does porn fit into Buddhism?"

I had to ask!

"Well, enlightenment is all about education and the money is going to school... so it's come full circle," he answered with a huge smile.

Like I said, always an unexpected but welcome answer. Also unexpected was the volume of cum he shot! Huge spurts one after the other!

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