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Jordan & Jamie

Jordan & Jamie

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When it comes to fucking, Jamie is like a kid in a candy store!

For the most part, he loves to get fucked, but every now and then he's in the mood to fuck a nice ass. I sometimes forget that he's quite versatile after all the poundings I've seen him take!

Jordan is a little bit of a bad boy, and I knew that Jamie would definitely like him.

They looked adorable sitting together. Jamie had a conservative hair style while Jordan had a bit of an edge to his. After a muscle "worship" session, Jamie dove right in, going down on Jordan's cock all the way to the base!

Jamie was very eager, and he didn't waste any time heading straight for Jordan's ass. They started off slowly, then Jamie picked up the pace and plunged deep into Jordan while he lay on his back, legs spread wide open. They got sweatier and sweatier as Jordan's eyes rolled into the back of his head!

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