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It was difficult not to smile and have a good time around Karl. In fact, we actually spent a lot of time together at the beach.

"So you and I got to play on the beach today!"

"We did," he replied with a huge smile.

"Best part about living on the beach is that you actually get to walk around and see all the surfers… what part of them turned you on the most?"

"Their hair and their legs!"

Karl said he's been a fan of the site for about six years. And, he definitely has his favorites! One in particular was the bearded version of Ethan.

He's an admitted admirer of all things men, especially legs and body hair. It was clear to me that Karl really likes a man who is a bit scruffy, masculine, and hung enough to give him a great fuck.

But that was just a little of what I got to know about Karl. He's also a professional chef who enjoys entertaining and spending time with his dog (a half pit bull / Rhodesian ridgeback). Apparently he lets his dog "walk all over him" — so much so that he got his dog's paw prints tattooed on his chest as a sign of how much his dog means to him!

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