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Grayson is no stranger to standing in front of the camera. In fact, he started modeling when he was younger and landed some very big-profile bookings, both in runway shows and print. It wasn't all easy at first though. His first walk down a runway almost ended up being a disaster — his excitement almost made him fall off the runway! After that, he got more relaxed and quite a bit of fun being a model.

That fun also included his first man-on-man experience while on a job!

"So did you always sleep with girls? Or have you slept with guys?" I asked.

"I've slept with guys," he answered confidently and with no hesitation.

"What was that like?"

"I always thought about it when I was younger… but where I am from you're not 'supposed' to do that. I met this guy… and we hit it off and the next thing you know, we were fucking."

"Were you the receiver or the giver?"

"It was both. Versatile."

"What do you like more?" I asked.

"Depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I wanna fuck... Sometimes I wanna get fucked!"

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