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Karl & Liev

Karl & Liev

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To say that Karl was excited about getting fucked by Liev would be a major understatement! The instant he saw Liev the smile on his face was there for good. He was a fan.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?"

"10 and a half," Karl replied.

"Have you actually seen this man's work on our web site?" I asked.

"I have!"



By that I think he meant "I want his dick in me right now!"

The anticipation was filling the room. Liev hadn't had any man-to-man action in a while and it was obvious that Karl was his type. Then, something happened that no one was ready for. As they were kissing, without skipping a beat, Liev ripped his shirt off and basically pounced on Karl!

Karl was really ready to get fucked. It was almost as if he was challenging Liev to fuck him as hard as he could. He pushed back on Liev's dick and let him know that he could take anything he gave to him!

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