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"I'm an avid gamer."

Well, that wasn't something I expected to hear from this hot guy sitting in front of me, muscles spilling out everywhere!

No offense to gamers, but I figured most of their time was spent sitting around with a controller in their hands and not a pair dumbbells. I guess I was wrong!

Of course I love just a little bit of dork mixed in with my jock, and Raymond fit that description quite nicely!

It turns out that he doesn't really spend all his time playing video games — although he really enjoys them. He's actually an outdoors type of guy who likes playing baseball with his friends, going on a fishing trip or just getting out for some fresh air.

And then there are the muscles!

I made sure to catch every angle of his beautiful body, from his bulging biceps to his big, beefy chest, to his muscular, hairy legs and ass.

Raymond also admits he's a pretty horny guy. He manages to get off at least twice a day, every day!

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