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Dean is a true Southern boy. He has the accent, he's corn fed, he likes to hunt, and he's hot.

I met Dean recently on a road trip. He was wearing baggy clothing when I first saw him and I thought he was pretty cute, but you never know what could be lurking under someone's shirt...

When he took his clothes off I was really shocked (in a good way). The guy is totally ripped and has an incredible six pack.

Dean is a little older than a lot of the guys I usually film, but with a body like his, who cares? He really tries to put on a good show and ham it up for the camera. He's also very friendly and didn't mind chatting and even stuck his ass in the air without my having to ask.

The thing I liked best about Dean was the fact that he started getting hard the minute his clothes came off. This guy definitely isn't camera shy.

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