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Jed & Pavel

Jed & Pavel

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"Oh my god... you are fuck drunk!"

There was no other way to say it than that. Pavel was "fuck drunk" from getting pounded by Jed. It was obvious. He had that light-headed, tingly feeling you get when a nice cock is hitting you inside in all the right places!

That was just one thing that made this film so much fun!

From the very start, Jed and Pavel hit it off.

For example, Jed happened to see a jock strap in our storage room.

"I've never worn one of those," he said.

"Oh, man, dude," Pavel said. "We should totally wear them while we're fucking!"

It was funny seeing Jed try on a jock strap for the first time. He wasn't sure which way in went on, and then he put it on inside out!

We could not figure out how a muscular jock like him had never worn one!

I think he really liked the fact that Pavel was wearing one, though. It gave him something to really hang on to while he pounded Pavel from behind!

And Pavel... oh man!


"Right there!"

His hairy ass really got fucked! And all of that fucking made Pavel dump the biggest load I've ever seen him shoot!

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