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Jed & Jamie

Jed & Jamie

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Jed was sitting on the sofa nervously. Jamie was sitting behind him, straddling Jed with his legs, and rubbing his back to relax him.

The two of them started to kiss and the tension melted away instantly.

You could tell by the look on his face that Jed was letting go. He was just enjoying it.

Jamie is a great kisser and he's even better at sucking cock.

He went down on Jed's dick completely. Tears came to his eyes... it was that deep.

One of the most interesting points came when Jed was fucking Jamie face down. They started to slap each other around a bit. I think Jed wanted to get rough but didn't want to take it too far!

Jamie was in heaven. He shot a lot of cum all over his chest, and into his eye and armpit.

There's some really fun behind-the-scenes footage as well, including a segment where Jamie drips precum all over Jed's leg!

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