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"I feel like I'm blushing... Am I blushing?"

We were giving Blaine a little bit of a hard time about his Southern accent. He wasn't sure if he had one or not!

One thing was for certain, though. He is outgoing! Lots of energy and personality!

"We've had a lot of red heads lately," I mentioned to him. "I wonder what's up with that!"

"The gingers are taking over," he joked.

Blaine was very proud of his red hair and his abundant chest and pubic hair.

"I am naturally this hairy," he explained as he got undressed.

"Is everything hairy?"

"Oh, yeah, everything is hairy... everything," he said. "And if you notice, everything is red!"

And when he shoots his load... well, that sofa is more than seven feet wide! Wow!

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