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"Man, life is short and I'm just trying to enjoy the ride," Tucker said, eyes bright and smiling.

"How's the ride been so far?"

"So far its been good. It was a little rocky until I realized you just got to have fun man... just let it happen. And now it's just pretty smooth sailing."

Tucker is definitely an easy-going guy. Every part of our experience with him was laid back.

I definitely got an "open" vibe from Tucker. As in, he might be "open" to anything.

"Tell me about your first gay experience."

"My first gay experience..." he said. He seemed kind of confused. "Ummm."

"I just tried tricking you to see if you actually had one."

"Yeah, I was going to say... well it hasn't happened YET..." he replied. And then: "I mean I have a lot of gay friends. I've done a a lot of gay things but never sexual. I've been to gay clubs, parties, dancing and stuff..."

"Its a lot more fun."

"Dude, gay people are the nicest people I've ever met... super fun, they know how to party all the time."

Tucker's got a tight little body that is mostly smooth.

"What's your favorite part of your body?"

"Umm, probably my pecs, they kinda pop," he said, flexing.

My favorite part?

His full, dark, wild bush!

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