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Austin is only 19, but he knows what he likes and he isn't shy about it!

"You like fucking girls and guys?" I asked. It was one of the first things he had mentioned when I met him!

"Yes," he replied.

"What would you say the split is?"


"Okay, which is 40, which is 60?"

""Uh, 40 is guys, 60 is girls"

"When you are fucking girls what do you look for?"

"A fat ass, big tits. That's what I like."

"What about guys? When you're fucking guys what do you look for?"

"Um, good kisser, cute smile, nice ass also," he replied, laughing.

Austin loves to play basketball and was thrilled to be able to shoot some hoops in the warm sunshine.

"It was snowing back home when I left," he said.

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