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Auditions 7

Auditions 7

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We interview a lot of guys for this website. Every once in a while, I like to put out a compilation of audition clips so you can see our diamonds in the rough. For those of you who enjoy untrimmed bushes, there are some nice thick ones here!

Guy #1: Straight. A personal trainer who has been out of the military for a few years. Nice muscles and very friendly. Says he has a different girl every night.

Guy #2: Gay. A 19-year-old exchange student from the Czech Republic. Was working at a local tourist attraction for the summer and wanted more work. Very shy but grins when I tell him he has a big dick. Left the country before we could get him back.

Guy #3: Straight. Works as a computer technician and was just checking the whole situation out. Had a lot of questions about performing with girls. Lost interest when he found out we don't use all that many of them.

Guy #4: Gay. Randy from "Fuckfest" and "Fuckfest 2". A lot of people have written in wondering where Randy's solo video is.

Guy #5: Straight. Really hot construction worker with thick curly hair, a great smile, thick pubes, and a lean, tight body with a sexy six pack. Was a little rough when he auditioned, so we told him to shave and clean up and come back for more, but he never did. Darn.

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