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Benjamin is very beefy and he's very shy.

He's 22 years old and he's currently working on his certification to become a personal trainer.

"So, once you graduate, are you going to work for a gym or are you going to find your own clients?"

"I'm probably going to work for one of the big gyms," he replied. "I think that will make things easier in the beginning."

Benjamin wasn't always so muscular. When he graduated from high school, he weighed 140 pounds.

"I wasn't very big," he said. "I wanted to get big."

Well, he's big now. And he has an ass you could set your drink on!

One very interesting thing about Benjamin is that he likes "cougars." I mean, he REALLY likes them!

"They're fun!" he said with a big grin.

"What do you considered a cougar?" I asked. "What's the minimum age?"

I'm always sorry when I ask!

"Ummmm," he hesitated. "Thirty, probably."

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