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"So, you're fucking huge. How tall are you?"

"Six foot three," Abe replied confidently.

He is huge. For a 22 year old, he's got a lot of muscle on him!

"You like to call yourself a meathead apparently, too..."

"Definitely claim that," he said. "I used it a couple times yesterday!"

"You're all muscle. What part of you isn't muscle?"

"Probably my penis." He had a big smile on his face!

"Ah ha… Smart one too!"

Abe is just about to graduate from college.

"I've got one semester left," he explained.

"What do you want to do after you graduate?"

"Probably get into a trade. Construction or something like that. Construction or maybe... I don't know... We'll see..."

"So you're gonna be the guy with his shirt off, working on the buildings, cat calling people as they walk by?"

"Absolutely!" he laughed. "Smokin' a stogie, 'Hey! What's up girl? Woof!!!' Yep....that'll be me!"

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