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"This place is like an adult playground!" William said as he was sliding all over the counter he had covered in lube.

"Wow!" I said, a little surprised. "When I first met you I thought you were the shy, reserved, polite type."

"Well that's cause we just met," he replied. "Wait 'til you get to know me!"

I think that for William, being reserved around new people came from his military background. But deep down, you could tell there was a little rambunctious kid waiting to get out.

"Now that you're out of the military, what do you do?"

"I'm a cattle rancher," he replied. "We have a pretty big ranch... acres and acres!"

Now, William has a compact little body, and his cock looks huge against his frame. And while we were filming I noticed that his hairy balls were hanging just as low as his cock.

"You're pretty furry down there," I said. "Do you ever shave?"

Honestly, I was glad that he hadn't recently!

"Once," he said. "It was really smooth and it made my cock look huge, but it was just a lot of work. I like things simpler so I keep it all natural."

William really enjoyed playing with his balls. During the day he kept pulling on them or fondling them during breaks.

I was full of questions that day and William wasn't shy, so I asked one more...

"What's life like with an uncut cock?"

"Fun!" he said. "There is more sensation. I actually feel bad for guys with a cut dick... it must be boring!"

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