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"You're taught never to masturbate," Micah explained about his upbringing. He was reared in a large, religious family. "That's why all those families have so many kids," he continued. "Because once they start fucking... they just can't stop!"

I knew I was going to like this guy. He's at a point in his life where he's breaking out and having fun, and he has a really great sense of humor about it.

"Where I come from... it's not appropriate to watch porn... never mind gay porn," he said. "But here I am. I love this place!"

In addition to be being a very fun, laid-back guy, Micah is also extremely horny.

"It doesn't matter how much sex I have or how much I jerk off," he told us. "I'm horny again fifteen minutes later."

Micah is part Hawaiian. "I have a tan even in the winter," he said. So the sun and water here made him even happier!

As for his sexuality... "I'm open," he said.

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