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Owen is definitely a military guy.

"I enlisted right out of high school," he said. "It was definitely what I wanted to do..."

"So you learned a lot?" I asked. "Had some interesting experiences?"

"I had three deployments to Iraq," he told us. "It was pretty wild."

He had originally trained to be a medic, but found he was doing all different kinds of jobs.

"Whatever they need you to do," he said.

He recently got out in order to go to college, where he is studying business management.

"Is that why you left?" I asked. "To go to school?"

"I wanted to do something different," he explained. "When I graduate and get my degree... I may go back."

Now that he's a civilian, Owen loves spending as much time in the gym as possible and he loves cooking.

"The food in the military was awful!" he told us. "I don't miss that!"

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