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"I started gymnastics when I was 2 and I did it 'til I was about 18," Eric explained as we were leaving the beach. "So, it was like 16 years in the making."

He had been like a kid in a candy store, running all over the sand, doing cartwheels in the waves, wearing loose running shorts that let his balls flop out.

"What did you do specifically?"

"Well, I did all around," he explained. "I did every event but I was really good at floor and vault... Something about my legs, they generate some power!"

I could tell that Eric had a little bit of a wild streak in him.

He's an avid gamer, and quite competitive. He also likes graffiti...

"I do a lot of artwork, I like painting a lot..."

"What medium?"

"Usually spray paint on canvas," he said sheepishly. "I like buying canvas and just tagging up canvas cause then you don't get arrested and stuff like that!"

Well, at least he knows how to channel it!

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