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I always love it when a hot guy isn't afraid to show off his ass hole!

"You have no shyness about showing off your ass," I asked Joshua. "Do you?"

"No, why not?" he replied with a big smile. "Its nice."

"Yes it is!"

"I've got a nice butt hole," he said as he fingered it a little. "It's nice."

So, needless to say I was very intrigued by Joshua.

"I was really skinny when I was in high school," he explained. "I've worked hard to put some muscle on. I want to enjoy it!"

"OK cool," I replied. "So... how do you plan on enjoying it?"

He paused for a moment and then a big grin appeared on his adorable face.

"Do you think it would be weird if wanted another guy blow me?"

Well that was out of the blue!

"No," I said.

"Well in that case..."

"But," I said, "I think it should also be something that involves your nice ass hole!"

"Yeah," he replied. "I do love having my ass eaten..."

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