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While we were filming him, Markus really liked looking at his dick through the camera. "I never noticed how big my dick actually is," he laughed. "It's kinda big!"

I had to agree. "How big is it?"

"Well, I've never measured it myself, but I've been told it's like 8 inches."

"And what about the girth... have you ever measured that?"

He looked all embarrassed. He hadn't, but I got a feeling he would when he got home!

Markus was a lot of fun to spend time with. We had taken him out and he was having a great time taking it all in.

"It's fun being able to pose and get all this attention," he said. "I feel like a real model!"

Markus is trying as hard as he can to get into professional baseball. He's been playing his whole life.

"Hopefully I don't hit anyone!" he said, right before he threw a super-fast pitch in the park.

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