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Bryan & Pierce

Bryan & Pierce

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When Pierce first saw Bryan he was very excited.

“You guys have put me with some hotties,” he said quietly. “But this guy... this guy is just my type. A nice, smooth twink with a tight little body and a nice dick!”

“What did you just call me? A twink?” Bryan laughed. Pierce didn’t know he was within earshot. “I hope that’s a compliment!”

“Trust me,” Pierce replied. “It is!”

Bryan walked into the room and Pierce’s curiosity was starting to get the better of him.

“So is this the first time you’ve ever done anything with guy?” he asked.

“I've always thought about it but I’ve never done anything.” Byran paused and then added, “Just been in the back of my mind...”

Bryan was very bashful, so Pierce decided to take the lead. He rolled Bryan over and rubbed his smooth body up and down.

“Does that feel good?” Pierce asked.

Bryan just moaned. Pierce took that as a ‘yes’ and proceeded to use his tongue to lather up Byran’s hole and cock.

“Ummm... I have a hard time getting off from just a blow job,” Bryan said. He looked right at Pierce. “You might have to put your finger in my ass!”

Pierce got a big smile on his face.

“Maybe he’ll let me put more than a finger up there back at the hotel,” he said...

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