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Ron is a BIG guy. Yeah, he has a boyish face, but with all that muscle I guessed he might be a bruiser.

“Have you ever gotten in a fight before?” I asked. “Because you seem too nice to be a fighter.”

“No,” he replied. “Never been in a fight, never.”



It turns out that no one has ever wanted to fight him because he’s just so agreeable (and he’s big).

He’s also smart. He’s currently learning two languages to further his career, which keeps him busy.

“I’m chronically single,” he lamented. “I’m so busy all the time it doesn’t leave room for relationships.”

The best thing about Ron is that he’s hot but he doesn’t know it.

“How often do you get hit on?” I asked.

“Every once in a while,” he said, as if he wasn’t sure. “I think that I may be a little oblivious to it though, so maybe more than I think!”

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