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With a nice chiseled jaw line and muscles everywhere, Darin would make the perfect boyfriend... you know, the kind you want to take home to mom!

“About four years ago I was really skinny,” he told us. “I just got fed up with it, so I started hitting the gym... hard!”

“Well it shows,” I replied. “You have an amazing body!”

“Thanks! The only downside is none of my clothes fit anymore.”

The most amazing thing about Darin’s body, though, isn’t his muscles. It’s his dick. It’s long, beautiful, and perfectly proportioned.

“I’m sure you get a lot of compliments on your physique,” I said. “What about your cock?”

His face flushed with embarrassment. “Yeah,” he said. “I get a lot of compliments.”

I just love a hot guy who is shy and easily embarrassed!

Darin does have a wild streak, though, and he’s a huge adrenalin junky.

“If it’s gonna get my blood pumping I’m game,” he said. “I’ve gone skydiving, bungie jumping, and even rode a bull one time!”

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