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Auditions 8

Auditions 8

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Here are some more audition tapes from my vast and ever-growing collection.

Guy #1: Straight. Cute 21 year old from a while back. Nice lean build and great cock. I asked him to lose the beard, hold off from sex for a day or two to build up a bigger load, and come back for another shoot. When he returned a few days later, I went to meet him in the parking lot where he was having a fight with his girlfriend. She told him if he did another video she would leave him, so he didn't.

Guy #2: Straight. 38-year-old muscular black dude I met on a road trip.

Guy #3: Straight. Beefy Latino dude I met on another road trip. Man, I spend a lot of time on the road!

Guy #4: Straight? Exhibitionist guy with a nice build and a big dick. I didn't have the camera on for a minute before he had a vibrator up his ass. I thought he looked kind of rough, so I asked him to shave and clean up a little and come back.

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