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Ethan & Trevor

Ethan & Trevor

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Ethan really loves getting his dick sucked, but I thought it would be a waste not to have that beautiful, ever-ready, hard cock of his up someone's ass.

I hadn't worked with Trevor in a little while because he's been busy with school. He had called recently to let me know that he had toned up even more and was wanting to do some more films. I thought he would be a good match for Ethan so I hooked them up!

They seemed to have chemistry right away I noticed a genuine attraction between the two of them. Ethan seemed to really get off on being serviced by Trevor and before I knew it they were fucking away.

The funny thing about straight guys is that when you get them to fuck each other they have a tendency to be very gentle. I guess they're afraid of hurting the other guy, but it takes some encouragement to get them to let loose and just go to town. After some light direction from me, Ethan was really pounding Trevor's ass and toward the end of their fuck session Trevor was riding Ethan's cock in a serious way.

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