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Darren is the guy who almost got away.

When I first met with him, he was all smiles and full of energy, but he was very reluctant to take his clothes off. I could tell that he really wanted to perform for me and that he was horny and wanted to get off.

His main concern was that he didn't think he would be able to get hard in front of the camera and (especially) in front of another guy. He kept asking me if I could get a girl in the room and when I told him that wasn't going to be an option he seemed discouraged. But he never gave me a definitive "no," he never got up to leave, and he kept asking a lot of questions. So, I knew he was definitely interested.

Because the idea of doing a video was daunting to him, I suggested that we do a photo shoot first in order to get him loosened up. I promised him that after that we would see how he felt and that I would respect his decision.

Long story short... camera came out, his clothes came off, and a big smile grew on his adorable face. This guy has a beautiful body and he loves to show it off. After the initial shyness wore off, he was off and running and before I knew it he was popping his load for my video camera.

All in all, I spent over 3 hours talking this humpy, sexy, very friendly boy into doing a video. Time well spent... he really enjoyed himself and I did too!

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