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I have been running into a lot of hot Brazilian studs lately.

Paulo grew up in Brazil, but that's not where I met him. I was in Miami Beach a while ago attending a conference. I went to get some lunch at my favorite diner when I saw him walking down the other side of the street wearing nothing but a pair of tight shorts... and talk about a flawless body!

I ran across the street to talk to him. He was really shy at first, but I gave him my card and offered to buy him lunch. Turns out he's an aspiring model in need of a little money (grin).

He was running short on time so we couldn't shoot that day. I asked him not to have sex that night so he could build up a big load. He arrived the next day at my hotel, we did this video, and he did deliver a big load!

He felt comfortable with the whole situation and expressed an interest in coming back for more. Luckily, Ricardo was in town with me...

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