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Paulo & Ricardo

Paulo & Ricardo

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After finding Paulo on the streets of Miami, I knew I wanted to get him to do more. After all, he's a big Brazilian stud with a big dick that shoots big loads.

I was there for a conference and I had a few of my guys there too, including Ricardo. The thought of their sexy Latin bodies together was very appealing to me, so I just had to make it happen.

Paulo claimed that he had never fucked another guy before. He was laughing nervously at the beginning of the shoot but warmed up after getting his dick sucked for a while. He must have really enjoyed the blow job Ricardo was giving him because about ten minutes into it I noticed that his nuts were starting to tighten up and he was getting that look on his face like he was ready to blow.

So, we gave him a short break to destimulate. Ricardo climbed on top of him and well... let's just say that Paulo knows how to fuck.

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