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Sidney is another incredible guy I discovered on a recent vacation to Rio de Janeiro.

We were sitting at a table next to the sidewalk that runs along the beach in Copacabana. We had been doing a lot of sight seeing that day and wanted to rest (and I had become addicted to the fresh coconut milk that vendors sell all through that area).

All of a sudden this really hot guy walks past wearing nothing but a tight swimsuit and flip-flops. I called out to him, but at first he didn't hear me, so I got up and ran over to him and invited him over for a coconut.

When I first approached him, I didn't expect that he would know any English at all, but it turns out that he's actually from France. Having recently moved to Rio, he was busy studying Portuguese and was on his way to the beach to do just that.

After getting to know him a little better, I asked him if he would be interested in doing an "erotic" video, which he seemed very open to. So, after a lot of questions, we agreed to meet at my hotel later that day.

When he arrived, he looked very, very handsome. He doesn't speak a lot of English, but enough to get by. Sidney is a little older than most of the guys I film, but he has an incredible body and he put on a very good show!

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