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I met Logan in a very unusual way.

I had posted a help wanted ad because we've been very busy around here and I had a production position I needed to fill. Logan is straight, but he's in the video business so he applied for the job. When he came in for his interview, I was amazed by how good looking he is. So, after the interview I asked him if he would be interested in modeling for us.

Turns out he has been thinking about doing adult movies for some time. So I scheduled him to come in for a shoot a few days later.

A day before the shoot he called and said there was a problem. He told me that he was extremely horny and that he didn't think he could hold off until the next day. I was turned on by the idea of a hot straight guy wanting to get off, so I told him to come on over and we did this video.

Logan had never done a video like this before but he's a very sexual guy and you can tell he's really into it. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up being a porn star someday.

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