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The Brazilian Sauna

The Brazilian Sauna

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This video is the last film I did on my vacation to Rio de Janeiro.

I met these guys on the beach in Ipanema. The biggest guy was the only one who spoke English. He was a personal trainer visiting from Sao Paulo. I spoke with him (and with the other two through him) for over an hour and eventually brought up the subject of doing a video. It took a lot of sweet talking to get them to agree as Brazil is a very religious country and the guys were concerned that their families would find out. But, luckily they agreed...

I didn't want to do the video in the hotel. The staff there was already suspicious of me as I had been bringing guys in and out all week (hotels in Rio are very different from those in the states). Luckily a friend I met during the trip knew a guy who owned one of the local saunas. After speaking with the owner, we rented the place out for a few hours and brought the guys in.

Brazilian guys are very, very different from American guys... Brazilians are very wild behind closed doors, but put a camera in front of them and it's a totally different story. It took a bit of time to get them loosened up, but it wasn't long before they were laughing and joking with each other (in Portuguese, of course).

There are definitely some amazing bodies and dicks in this video...

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