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Riley & Cameron

Riley & Cameron

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When I first met Riley ("Guy #1" from "Auditions 12"), I wanted to go down on him myself. He's so goreous and I just love his hot hairy chest and his huge, floppy nuts. Plus, he's a very sweet guy... the total package.

He said he was curious about being with another guy and he claimed he'd never done it before. I just knew he would be a great top and I was impatient to see his delicious cock up some dude's ass.

I suspected that getting him away from his girlfriend was going to be tough. He didn't want her to know and his job schedule is very predictable so he couldn't use that an excuse. I'm not sure what he told her, but he showed up that evening, still dressed for work.

Cameron wanted a piece of him too. Cameron is very subtle, but he was anxious to get Riley naked. The two of them hit it off and to make a long story short, Riley fucked the shit out of Cameron and seemed to love every minute of it. What a great way to spend an evening!

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