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Ashton & Thad

Ashton & Thad

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Ashton ("Guy #1" from "Auditions 13") and Thad ("Guy #2") are back!

Ashton is the cute top with the sparkly eyes and great smile. Thad is the bi-curious runner who has never been fucked. I thought it would be hot to see Ashton break in Thad, so I hooked them up and had them spend the day together. They really seemed to get along and it soon became obvious that they wanted to fuck.

Ashton was very laid back about the whole thing while Thad was really nervous. I had them lift some weights to get the blood flowing and get them relaxed.

I've been on a slight bondage kick lately, so we tied Thad up to a weight bench with his hot little ass sticking straight up in the air. Ashton was hard and ready to go and really gave Thad a good pounding. One thing though — we took a couple of short breaks and during that time, Ashton would caress Thad's ass and ask him if he was OK...which Thad was... in fact, he really seemed to enjoy it!

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