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Auditions 14

Auditions 14

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I recently took a trip to Canada to visit some friends. It ended up being 30 below zero — so, nothing to do but stay inside. However, we decided to go out to some of the clubs and see who we could meet. Let's just say that we weren't the only ones with that idea. Nobody was on the street, but the clubs were packed.

We ended up meeting a lot of guys during the few days I was there!

Guy #1: Very, very straight. Kind of stiff but very sexy. Great chest and legs! His girlfriend came with him to the shoot.

Guy #2: Straight. Cute red head. His dick looks very average-sized when he starts out — and then it grows, and grows, and grows... until it almost touches his chest!

Guy #3: Straight. Kind of quiet. Lean with pale skin and a couple of tattoos. He really gets into his orgasm!

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