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Colby is a college student who was interested in having some fun and making a little money. He contacted us through the website and included some very sexy pictures of himself <g>. I liked what I saw so we invited him out for a visit.

When I first met Colby, the first thing I noticed was his enormous shoes. He has size 15 feet and has to order his shoes over the Internet!

Most of the guys who step in front of my camera are very nervous. Colby wasn't... in fact, he had this adorable grin on his face and seemed to love every minute of it. I had him lift some weights to get his beautiful, muscular arms all pumped up and then I turned him loose on the bed. I asked him to spread his ass cheeks wide open to reveal his sexy pink hole and before I knew it he was fingering himself.

He seemed to enjoy having a finger up his ass. So much so that he came rather unexpectedly, but quite voluminously!

He seemed to still be horny and a little embarrased at not having given me a lot of notice. He assured me that if I gave him an hour break or so he would be able to deliver another equally impressive load. So, we went out, got a bite to eat, and came back to get him naked again.

Sure enough, he dumped another big load all over the bed... very hot!

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