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Chet & Dirk

Chet & Dirk

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When it comes to fucking, pair up two straight guys can be a challenge. For me, it's fun when one of them is bi or gay because it's easier for the straight guy that way... he can drop the bravado and just get into enjoying himself. Sometimes, though, I'm definitely in the mood for two straight guys because it can be a lot of fun watching a guy get his cherry popped!

Dirk is straight and married, but told me he got a blow job from a male roommate once. Chet (who we first met in "Auditions 13") has a girlfriend, but said he was curious about getting fucked. So, we met up one afternoon for some fun.

At first, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Chet sucked on Dirk's cock for a bit to break the ice and then he was on the bed with his legs up in the air. After a rough start (Dirk penetrated Chet a little too hard), the two of them were fucking like animals. It was like watching two virgins have sex for the first time, but both of them really seemed to enjoy it!

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