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Gabe & Christopher

Gabe & Christopher

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After getting his first male blowjob from Foster, Gabe said that he enjoyed it but didn't want to go any further. I'm always respectful of the guys' decisions, but told him that if he was interested in fucking another guy to give me a call.

A few weeks went by and Gabe called. He said he'd thought about it and decided that (as I often say) a hole is a hole and a mouth is a mouth.

Christopher is a skinny 19-year-old military boy who contacted us though the site. He said he was very curious about getting fucked by one of our straight guys. When I met with him the first thing I noticed was how cute and innocent he looked. When I told him that he would be having sex with Gabe he got a big smile on his face and was all about it from that point on.

When they finally met, Gabe was very stiff, but loosened up after watching a pussy flick and having his cock sucked. It wasn't long before he was inside Christopher, fucking him like an experienced top...

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