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Blowing Patrick

Blowing Patrick

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After filming him the first time, I was very anxious to get Patrick's thick cock down some guy's throat. Patrick is really nice and very easy going, and when I asked him about the idea he was hesitant at first. A blow job from another man is something his ex-girlfriend would never allow, he told me — and I'm sure that's why he eventually agreed.

After his solo, Austin wanted to do more. He had seen Patrick on the website and really liked the idea of getting it on with him.

When I got them together Patrick was really quiet. I broke the ice by putting him on a massage table and letting Austin work his tense muscles. First the shoulders and neck, then the back, then down to his nice, round ass. As Austin pulled Patrick's ass cheeks apart, exposing his hairy hole, Patrick began to moan and his dick began to swell. The pussy porn I had playing for him in the background had been forgotten and it wasn't long before Austin had Patrick's meat in his mouth...

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