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I met Clay about three months ago. He came in to do some nude photos and I was so impressed with his lean, muscular physique that I immediately wanted him back to do a video. Apparently Clay has sex all the time — he had just had it the morning of the photo shoot, so I told him to lay off for a day or two and come back later in the week.

On the day of the video shoot, Clay was nowhere to be found. He didn't show up for his appointment and he wasn't answering his cell phone. I was disappointed, but "no shows" are just something you have deal with sometimes.

About a week later, a friend of Clay's called and told me Clay had been in a fight. He was trying to defend a friend and, unfortunately, his (beautiful) face had been bruised up pretty badly.

Fortunately, this young, hot, straight boy is very resilient. After making a full recovery, Clay called and said he was ready to "rub one off"...

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