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Patrick Gets Fucked

Patrick Gets Fucked

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A few days after his blow job from Austin, Patrick and I discussed the possibility of him fucking another guy with that thick cock of his. At first he said "no," then he said "yes," and then he surprised me by telling me that his ex-girlfriend had once used a dildo on his ass and he really liked it. Even though he had never been fucked, he seemed very comfortable with the idea so I suggested that he try that first. Patrick is very easy going and up for (almost) anything, so after thinking about it for a bit he agreed...

Now, an ass like Patrick's doesn't come along every day. I wanted to find a top who could really get the job done — someone with a rock-hard cock who could fuck the shit out of Patrick's virgin hole.

A friend of mine happened to know porn star Andy Hunter and suggested that we give him a call. Andy is a really nice guy and after meeting with him I decided he was the right guy for Patrick. Plus, he had seen Patrick's picture and couldn't wait to get him naked!

The day of the shoot, Andy and Patrick hung out for a bit to break the ice. Before I could even get the camera started, Andy had Patrick out of his shirt and was rubbing his chest. The next thing I knew, Andy was servicing Patrick's impressive cock. Andy was hard from the start and it wasn't long before he was plowing Patrick's ass. For a straight boy, Patrick really seemed to like getting fucked!

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