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I met Seth on the beach where he was hanging out with his buddies. I was immediately struck by his tan, perfect skin, his puppy-dog brown eyes, and his lean, muscular physique. I'm always on the prowl for hot guys, so I introduced myself and gave him my card.

About a week later, he came in for an interview. I asked him to get naked for me so I could see his entire package — he was wearing baggy board shorts at the beach and you never know what's under there!

He was very shy and seemed embarrassed by the whole situation, but started to undress. When he got down to his tighty-whities, I noticed that he had a huge bulge! Then the underwear came off and out flopped the lowest-hanging pair of nuts I think I've ever seen!

I can only imagine the look on my face as I stared in amazement at a pair of goose-egg sized nuts dangling half way down to his knees. Needless to say, I wasted no time getting him in for a film. He's always wanted to go rock climbing, so we took him to one of those indoor climbing facilities for a "warm up".

The incredible thing about Seth is that he's very demure and doesn't know how hot he is. When I asked him if he gets a lot of compliments on his balls, he said "no" and looked at me like I was the first person to ever ask him that question!

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