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Blowing Ross

Blowing Ross

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It will never to cease to amaze me that it is possible to meet a hot straight guy on the street and a month later be filming him in his first same-sex encounter.

That's how I feel about Ross — a shy, quiet guy whom you would never suspect of being as open-minded as he has become. From the very beginning, I have been enamored by his lean, tight body, his smooth, pale skin, and of course, his fat, juicy cock. After his first video it took some work, but Ross finally agreed to get his first blow job by another guy.

On the day of the shoot, Ross was so nervous he was shaking. Trey, the lucky volunteer, was very excited about what was to transpire and very quickly made Ross feel comfortable. It wasn't long before Ross' cock was at full mast and Trey was in heaven...

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