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I picked up Jonas (or "Jones" as he likes to be called) at an automotive shop where he was working as a mechanic. As he was trying to sell me a new air filter for my car I couldn't help notice that he wasn't wearing underwear, allowing the outline of the head of his nicely sized cock to show through his worn workman khakis. The shirt of his uniform was unbuttoned in front and underneath he was wearing a tight white ribbed tank top that showed off his lean build and sexy nipples. His hands were dirty and he had a smudge on his face.

There's just something about blue collar guys that really gets my blood pumping and the fact that he was parading around his workplace with his dick swinging free made me want him even more. So, I worked a little magic and got him in for an interview.

Jonas is 25 years old, totally straight, and recently divorced. Although he's a shy guy, he didn't have any problem getting naked or stroking his dick to a full erection. He really seemed to love showing off for the camera!

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